"Catch of The Day"

$20/1.5g PreRolls


$150/Half Oz

$250/Full Oz or State Limit

(5600 mg THC  Max per Day  )




 January 20, 2022 

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K Beach Reef Catch of the Day

" Catch Of The Day ​"

White Cookies

THC% 18.79 CBD% .10 Terp% 1.55 Total% 22.85


K Beach Reef 

Strawberry Sour Diesel

THC% 20.91 CBD% 0 Terp% 1.82 Total% 23.84


Alaska Cannabis Cultivators

Blue Raspberry  Glaicer Gummies

(10) 5mg servings = 50mg Total THC 

Sale $20

  (Reg $25)  

Northern Delights



100mg THC

Blueberry Hashade

$30 each

Red Run

All Full Gram Concentrates:

$55 each



Sugar Wax - Shatter

Crumble - Budder

Hash - Sap

"Mix and match" 

Cotton Candy Kush

THC%19.18 TERP%1.94

CBD%0.06 TOTAL% 23.07



PRE-98 Bubba Kush

THC%12.29 TERP%1.22

CBD%0.02 TOTAL%14.77


  N​ew Pricing

Concentrates, Vapes, Edibles

 All Full Gram Concentrates  2/$100

.3g Vapes $33 each

Full Gram Klicks (Decarbed Full Spectrum Cannabis) $80 each   

1g Vapes $80 each

50mg THC Hashade Drinks $18 


100mg THC CO2 Breath Spray By Herban Extracts

$35/100mg THC 

100mg THC Nano Breath Spray

CO2 Vapes & Klicks by Herban Extracts:

              Decarbed Oil CO2 Klick


$80/1g Apple Fritter

THC% 72.27   CBD% .38   Terp% 4.98   Total% 78.12                     Hybrid

$80/1g Crack-A-Lope

THC% 63.72   CBD% .0  Terp% 5.63   Total% 66.33                       Hybrid


$80/1g Cherry Moon Pistachio

THC% 71.40   CBD% .13   Terp% 6.65   Total% 75.05                      Indica

            .3g CO2 Vapes By Herban Extracts

$33/.3g Watermelon Smash 

THC% 75.04  CBD% 0   Terp% 10.23   Total% 80.06                    Sativa


         .3g CO2 Disposable Vapes By Herban Extracts

$40/.3g ​Delta 8 1:1 Pearl Walker

THC% 39.42  D-8 THC% 33.01  CBD% .44  Terp% 2.96  Total% 75.03     Hybrid

$40/.3g Inzane in the Membrane 

THC% 73.07 CBD% .54 Terp% 5.78 Total% 78.79                                 Sativa

            .5g CO2 Vapes By Herban Extacts 

$50/.5g Bruce Banner

THC% 71.54   CBD% 0    Terp% 1.85    Total% 78.05                           Hybrid

$50/.5g Ghost Train Haze

THC% 71.08   CBD% 0    Terp% 9.08   Total% 75.85                           Indica

$50/.5g Lemon Drop 1:1

THC% 39.02  CBD% 33.70  Terp% 6.84  Total% 78.96                         Hybrid

         1g CO2 Vape by Herban Extracts

$80/1g Crazy G

THC% 73.89  CBD% .41  Terp% 3.30  Total% 78.41                              Indica


Concentrates by Babylon 

(Hash, Sugar Wax, Sap, Shatter)

1g/$55 Pineapple Express Hash

THC% 72.30  CBD% .22  Total% 84.04                                          Hybrid

1g/$55 MK Ultra Sugar Wax

THC% 70.95  CBD% .22  Total% 85.24                                          Hybrid

1g/$55 Ultra Cookies Sugar Wax

THC% 69.54  CBD% .21  Total% 83.01                                           Hybrid

1g/$55 Snowcapped Romance Sugar Wax

THC% 71.39  CBD% .21  Total% 82.10                                            Sativa

1g/$55 OG Cookies Sugar Wax

THC% 73.90  CBD% .16  Total% 88.44                                           Hybrid

1g/$55 Gold Creek Kush Shatter

THC% 67.34  CBD% .19  Total% 83.19                                            Indica

1g/$55 MAC Sap

THC% 67.95  CBD% .25  Total% 81.87                                           Hybrid

  Vapes & Concentrates By Canamo 

$50/.5 Lemon Breath Haze Oil Syringe

         (Decarbed Oil)                       

THC% 77.57   CBD% .67   Total% 81.71                           Hybrid


          Half Gram Vapes By Canamo

$44/.5g Granddaddy Cookies

THC% 65.57  CBD% .28  Total% 72.77                          Indica

$44/.5g Blue Dream 

THC% 66.95  CBD% .0  Total% 73.09                           Sativa

$44/.5g Cosmopolitan 

THC% 70.39  CBD% .31   Total% 72.77                         Sativa

$44/.5g Blueberry Sherbet                                        

THC% 56.14   CBD% .14   Total% 69.13                         Indica

$44/.5g Cosmopolitan                                             

THC% 70.39  CBD% .31   Total% 72.71                          Indica 

$44/.5g Mountain Dew 

THC% 71.67 CBD% .04 Total% 78.61                            Hybrid 

$44/.5g Glue Berry                                              

THC% 72.24 CBD% 0 Total% 79.19                             Hybrid

$44/.5g Frozen Tangerines 

THC% 73.85 CBD% 0 Total% 78.18                              Sativa

$44/.5g Critical Mass

THC%69.59 CBD% .61 Total% 78.42                            Indica

$44/.5g Straw Durbz

THC% 71.94 CBD% .01 Total% 80.03                           Sativa

$44/.5g Sunset Dielsel

THC% 71.83 CBD% 0 Total% 77.04                             Hybrid

$44/.5g Atomic Kush

THC% 72.74 CBD% .11 Total% 82.13                             Indica

$44/.5g Citrus Sunrise

THC% 73.11 CBD% 0 Total% 79.62                              Sativa

$44/.5g Grateful Cake 

THC% 72.48 CBD% .05 Total% 76.88                           Indica


       Full Gram Sugar Wax by Canamo:

$55/1g Triple Raspberry Cookies 

THC% 72.88  CBD% .22 Total% 85.65                         Indica 

$55/1g Green Avenger 

THC% 76.56 CBD% .10 Total% 89.80                           Sativa


$55/1g Mean Green 

THC% 75.36 CBD% .21 Total% 87.16                            Sativa

$55/1g Gladiator OG

THC% 72.14  CBD% .46  Total% 84.34                         Indica 

$55/1g Cookie Cobbler 

THC% 75.76  CBD% .26  Total% 90.05                       Hybrid 

$55/1g White Fire OG 

THC% 73.38  CBD% .18  Total% 84.65                         Hybrid 

$55/1g Bubba Kush

THC% 74.51 CBD% .25 Total% 87.87                           Indica

$55/1g Power Plant

THC% 74.66 CBD% .18 Total% 88.28                           Sativa

$55/1g Kush Mint Cookies

THC% 74.55 CBD% .14 Total% 87.55                            Hybrid

$55/1g Tropical Berry

THC% 71.77 CBD% .27 Total% 87.23                            Indica

       Full Gram Shatter by Canamo

$55/1g Lemon Drop 

THC% 74.89  CBD% .19  Total% 88.43                     Sativa

$55/1g Pineapple Dream 

THC% 72.59  CBD% .19  Total% 86.05                    Sativa

$55/1g Triple Raspberry 

THC% 72.68  CBD% .29  Total% 86.17                    Indica

$55/1g Tropical Berry 

THC% 70.76  CBD% .19  Total% 85.69                   Indica

$55/1g White Fire OG 

THC%74.02  CBD% .18  Total% 85.96                    Hybrid

      Full Gram Budder By Canamo

$55/1g Imperial Kush 

THC% 69.38 CBD% .22 Total% 82.16                          Sativa 

$55/1g Cookies Crumble  

THC% 69.49  CBD% .17  Total% 81.07                        Hybrid

$55/1g Mean Queen 

THC% 74.12  CBD% .30  Total% 87.15                        Sativa 


      Full Gram Crumble By Canamo

$55/1g Poisonberry

THC% 73.31   CBD% .23  Total% 85.80                       Sativa

$55/1g Blueberry Cookies            

THC% 73.13 CBD% .18 Total% 85.87                           Indica 


Glacier Gummies by Northern Delights

$25/pk Watermelon

5mg/ 10 per pk 50mh THC Total                              Hybrid

$25/pk Blue Raspberry                                            

5mg/10 per pk 50mg THC Total                               Hybrid

$25/pk Green Apple                                                

5mg/10 per pk 50mg THC Total                               Hybrid

$25/pk Sour Strawberry

5mg/10 per pk 50mg THC Total                               Hybrid

$25/pk Hawaiian Punch 

5mg/10 per pk 50mg THC Total                               Hybrid

$25/pk Cherry Limeade

5mg/ 10 per pk 50mg THC Total                              Hybrid

$25/pk Peach Mango

5mg/ 10 per pk 50mg THC Total                              Hybrid

                 Canna Caps by Canamo:

$20/pk  Canna Caps

5mg/10 pk - 50mg THC Total                                     Hybrid


$30/pk Canna Caps 1-1

10mg/10 pk - 100mg THC / 100mg CBD Total             Hybrid  

                 Full Size Chocolate Bars by Lady Grey      



$45/100mg THC  Milk  Chocolate Bar                     Hybrid                


$30/50mg THC Orange Chocolate Bar                   Hybrid


$30/50mg THC  Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar         Indica 


                 50mg  THC Infused Drinks :

$30/100mg THC  Blueberry Hashade By Red Run                                             

10 servings  /10mg each/  100mg THC Total            Hybrid


$18/50mg THC Regular Hashade by Red Run              Hybrid

10 servings /5mg each /50mg Total                            

$18/50mg THC Cranberry Shooters By Red Run 

10 Servings /5mg each/  50mg THC Total                Hybrid 

$30/50mg High Tea  By Lady Gray 

10 Servings /5mg each /50mg THC                         Hybrid 



$5/5mg THC infused Honey Sticks by Red Run                           

pack of 2 / 2.5mg  of THC each Total 5mg                 


               CBD Products:

$25/1g  CBD Isolate 

1000mg CBD                                                       Canamo   


$16/50mg CBD   CBD Bath Bomb   

50mg CBD infused Scented Bath Bombs            AK Bath Bomb



"420"Lighter Case - $7

Herban Extract Batteries - $12

   (510 Thread)


 Locally Made Rosin Ash Trays:

Pot Leaf Tray - $20

Turtle Tray -$20

Square Dish -$6

Flower Dish - $6

Mini Jar - $5



Mini Glass Pipe - $5

Glass Chillum - $10

Glass Chillum W/Silicone Skin - $20

Mini Bong - $20

Glow in the Dark Sherlock Bubbler - $35

Silicone Flip and Chill Straw - $20



Mini Silicone Dab Rig w/ tool - $30

Canamo 8” Dab Rig - $10

4.5” Metal Dab Too - $5


   Wraps /Papers:

Zig Zag Rolling Papers - $4

Strawberry Fields Wrap (2 Pack) - $5

Honey Hemp Wraps (2 Pack) - $5

BIC Lighter - $2.50

Click this text to start editing. This simple title and text block is great for welcome or explanatory text. When writing, try to keep things down to a few lines at a time. Break up your content into different blocks to keep your page interesting.

Click this text to start editing. This simple title and text block is great for welcome or explanatory text. When writing, try to keep things down to a few lines at a time. Break up your content into different blocks to keep your page interesting.